LBA-ECO LC-13 GIS Coverages of Logged Areas, Tapajos Forest

LBA Data Set Inventory ID: LC13_GIS_Tapajos . This data set contains GIS coverages constructed from measurements taken of logged areas in the Tapajos National Forest region of Para, Brazil in 1996 and 1998. Coverages include log decks (patios), roads, skids trails, tree-fall locations, and block boundary. They are in ArcInfo SHAPE format (*.shp).Get price

GIS in South America - ESRI

GIS in South America April 2013 Participatory GIS 6 a new shapefile was created with polygons whose attributes are the number of overlaps identified in that specific spatial unit. The developed tool has a simple user interface: it first asks for an input shapefile, which has all the polygons mapped in the area,Get price

The Libra Block Project: Pre-Salt SE Brazil

The Libra Block is located in the Santos Basin, SSE Brazil, 160 km from the coast of Rio de Janeiro with an area of 1,547 km2 in water depths ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 m. The 2-ANP-2A-RJS was the discovery well drilled by Petrobras on behalf of ANP in 2010 reaching a final depth of 6,029 m and found an important oil accumulation of 28° APIGet price

Clarifier | GEA Centrifuges and Separators

Clarifying centrifugal separators are used for separating solids out of a liquid. The separator is equipped with a stack of conical disks for creating a large equivalent clarification area in a relatively small bowl volume.Get price

Solvay Special Chemicals

mixing and separation technology. Fig. 11 Gas insulated line for Sulfr hexafluoride / N2 mixture in a tunnel 245 – 550 kV (Siemens, Germany) Fig. 10 Polyethylene coated GIL system for direct burial 245 – 550 kV (Siemens, Germany) Fig. 9 sf6 gas / N2-membrane-separation plant with condenser unitGet price

Vector Spatial Analysis (Buffers) - QGIS

Most GIS Applications offer buffer creation as an analysis tool, but the options for creating buffers can vary. For example, not all GIS Applications allow you to buffer on either the left side or the right side of a line feature, to dissolve the boundaries of buffer zones or to buffer inward from a polygon boundary.Get price

Map Production - QGIS

Map production is the process of arranging map elements on a sheet of paper in a way that, even without many words, the average person can understand what it is all about. Maps are usually produced for presentations and reports where the audience or reader is a politician, citizen or a learner with no professional background in GIS.Get price

University of Michigan Summer Session in Epidemiology 1 Week

EPID 777 Geographic Information Systems for Epidemiology (1 credit hour) Shannon J. Brines Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used for displaying and analyzing spatial data. Data from a variety of sources may be compared utilizing overlay analysis and spatial statistics.Get price

Emilia Vrettou - Founder - AAA EVR | LinkedIn

New openings - secure the budget, find the appropriate location using GIS systems, estimate the sales, prepare the studies and 10 years business plan in order to be approved and signed, negotiate with owners / real estate companies (rents, contract, yield) / city planners / architects, cooperate with legal advisors, secure the operationalGet price

Designing of HV Power Substation and Layout

ContentIntroductionEarthing and BondingSubstation Earthing Calculation MethodologyLayout of SubstationDifferent Layouts For SubstationsPrinciple of Substation LayoutsComponents of A SubstationIntroductionEarthing and BondingSubstation Earthing Calculation Methodology (Earthing Materials)Layout of SubstationSee full list on electrical-engineering-portal.comGet price

Results of Solar Resource Assessments in the UNEP/SWERA Project

Cuba, Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and China. SWERA is providing high quality wind and solar resource information in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format for these 13 countries, a Geospatial Toolkit to allow users to analyze the resource data in context with other geospatial data setsGet price

Brazil - Wikipedia

Brazilcurrent constitution, formulated in 1988, defines it as a democratic federal republic. Brazil is a regional power and a middle power in international affairs, ranking high in the Human Development Index. It is a newly industrialized country, with the largest share of global wealth in Latin America.Get price

GeoEye-1 - eoPortal Directory - Satellite Missions

GeoEye-1 (OrbView-5) GeoEye-1, formerly known as OrbView-5, is the next-generation high-resolution imaging mission of GeoEye, Dulles, VA, USA. In January 2006, the commercial imaging company GeoEye Inc. was formed, made up of former Orbimage of Dulles VA, and of former Space Imaging of Thornton, CO (Orbimage acquired Space Imaging in 2005 and gave the merged company the new name of GeoEye).Get price

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - City of Sonoma

Dec 16, 2020 · An accessory dwelling unit is an attached or detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, and includes separate permanent provisions for entry, living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as a single-family dwelling. An accessory dwelling unit may also be provided as an efficiency dwelling unit and/or a manufactured home.Get price

Global Energy Services Equipment | Schlumberger

Schlumberger is a technology company that partners with customers to access energy. Our people, representing over 160 nationalities, are providing leading digital solutions and deploying innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry.Get price

Peter Campbell - Project Manager - Offshore Development - SSE

An offshore engineer and experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the offshore energy sector. Currently working for SSE Renewables focusing on Irish offshore wind development opportunities that can help to deliver a low carbon future. ExperienceGet price

Housing segregation in the United States - Wikipedia

Home OwnershipHome EquityResidential SegregationHistory of Housing DiscriminationCausesEffectsInitiatives Against Housing SegregationSee AlsoFurther ReadingExternal LinksHome ownership is a crucial means by which families can accumulate wealth. Over a period of time, homeowners accumulate home equity in their homes. In turn, this equity can contribute substantially to the wealth of homeowners. In summary, homeownership allows for the accumulation of home equity, a means of storing wealth, and provides families with insurance against poverty. Ibarra and Rodriguez state that home equity is 61% of the net worth of Hispanic homeowners, 38.5% of the net worth of White homeowners, and 63% of the net worth of African-American homeowners. Conley remarks that differences in rates of home ownership and housing value accrual may lead to lower net worth in the parental generation, which disadvantages the next. There are large disparities in homeownership rates by race. In 2017, the homeownership rate was 72.5% for non-Hispanic Whites, 46.1% for Hispanics, and 42.0% for Blacks. The value of property has stifled during the history of the United States. Initially,...Get price

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Get homework help fast! Search through millions of guided step-by-step solutions or ask for help from our community of subject experts 24/7. Try Chegg Study today!Get price

Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

QA for cartographers, geographers and GIS professionals. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 QA communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Get price

Place-Making with Older Adults: Towards Age-Friendly Communities

Together with the SQS 307 and 107they form a Vicinity Unit, term that indicate a set of four self-sufficient quadras that share a public nursery, an elementary school, a school designed to provide extra curricula activities, a club, cultural spaces, a health centre and a public library. The SQS 308 calls attention for its beauty and conservation.Get price

the Degree Confluence Project

14.8 km (9.2 miles) SSE of Otjikuina, Kunene, Namibia [08-May-21] 17°S 13°E 27.2 km (16.9 miles) WNW of Otjivakuanda, Kunene, Namibia [08-May-21] 19°S 14°E 9.9 km (6.1 miles) NNE of Okambonde, Kunene, Namibia [08-May-21] 20°S 14°E 9.9 km (6.1 miles) SSE of Palm, Kunene, Namibia [08-May-21] 20°S 13°E 42.9 km (26.6 miles) NW of TorrabaaiGet price

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Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurantGet price

China/FAO Citrus Symposium

One of the by-products of the modelformulation is that separate prices for early maturing and late maturing oranges in Florida are estimated. Hamlin is the main early maturing orange variety found in Florida. Although Hamlins produce a high yield per unit of land area, the juice from Hamlins is generally not of good color.Get price

London Hong Kong - SEC

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay) and the United States offering a wide range of financial products and also conducting banking operations in other parts of the world. The principal trading market for Santander Spain Shares is on the Spanish Stock Exchanges (“ SSEGet price


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Predict deforestation in the Amazon rain forest | Learn ArcGIS

Apr 27, 2021 · An inset or locator map is a smaller map that shows the geographic location of the main map. Because most people don't know the location of Rondônia, Brazil, an inset map will give your map important geographic context. Your inset map will go in the empty data frame of your layout. To have multiple maps in one layout, each map needs to beGet price

GIS Mapping Software, Location Intelligence Spatial

Esri’s GIS mapping software is the most powerful mapping spatial analytics technology available. Learn how businesses are using location intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.Get price

Utilities IT Consulting Services and Solutions | Infosys

Infosys' Utilities IT Consulting Services create a personnel-infrastructure-data ecosystem to grow business through new revenue streams. Get an overview.Get price

AAPG Datapages/Archives: Sequence stratigraphy of the Eocene

The pelitic rocks that separate the two sandstone zones display variable thickness, from 35 to more than 100 m (115– 328 ft), indistinct seismic facies, and no internal markers on well logs, and consist of muddy diamictites with contorted shale rip-up clasts. This section is interpreted as cohesive debris flows and/or mass-transported slumpsGet price